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How to Cover NCERT Books for NEET in Less Time


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The National Eligibility Completion Entrance Test (NEET) preparation process is demanding and time-consuming. Many students find it difficult to cover all the necessary material, especially from the NCERT books, which serve as a basis of NEET preparation, due to the extensive syllabus, which can be daunting. But if you have the appropriate plan and the right amount of motivation, you can finish the NCERT books quickly and successfully. In this article, we’ll provide you some insightful advice on how to organize your planning and make the most of your limited time.

1. Set the Important Topics in Priority

Examine the NEET syllabus first, then list the key subjects included in the NCERT books. Concentrate on the chapters that will be tested more heavily and are frequently asked about in previous tests. You may focus on the issues that matter the most by using this strategy to allocate your time effectively.

2. Organize your study time.

Create a well-structured study schedule to effectively cover the NCERT books. Give each of the equal time periods in your schedule a different chapter or topic. Make sure you stick to the timetable religiously and modify it as necessary to stay on course.

3. Set attainable objectives

Regarding the volume of material you can cover in a specific length of time, be realistic. Keep your workload from becoming too heavy with impossible goals. Set more manageable objectives for each study session, and acknowledge your accomplishments as you go.

4.  Active reading and taking notes

Use an active reading strategy while reading the NCERT books. Draw attention to important details, make notes in the margins, and simplify the primary points. This routine will help with information retention and make revision simpler.

5. Solve previous year’s test questions

Include answering NEET exam questions from previous years in your study routine. You will be better able to organize your time and comprehend the exam structure with the support of this. Past papers are very helpful because the NCERT books are the direct inspiration for many of the questions in the NEET exam.

6. Make use of online resources

Utilize internet tools like video lectures, interactive tests, and revision applications in addition to the NCERT texts. When compared to conventional study methods, these resources can speed up your learning of complex subjects while also saving you time.

7. Shorten your breaks

Long study sessions without breaks might result in burnout and lower productivity. To keep your mind fresh and your focus strong throughout study sessions, take brief, regular breaks.

8. Avoid putting things off.

The NCERT texts can be difficult to study efficiently if you postpone. Reminding yourself of your ultimate objective—achieving a high NEET rank—will help you maintain your discipline and motivation.

9. Assist Others When Needed

Do not be embarrassed to ask teachers, mentors, or online forums for assistance if you are having trouble learning a certain subject. Any misunderstandings can be avoided by answering any questions you have as soon as possible.


To finish the NCERT books for NEET in less time, you need commitment, self-control, and efficient time management. Set attainable objectives, make a study timetable, and give priority to the crucial subjects. Use online resources, previous year’s exam questions, and active engagement with the content to prepare thoroughly. Recall to take little pauses and avoid putting things off. You may make the most of your study time and be well-prepared to do well on the NEET exam by taking a concentrated strategy. Good luck as you navigate the NEET world!