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Parakh 50 Test Highlights

An initiative by Sky Tutorials to provide an opportunity for hard-working students to achieve their IIT JEE & NEET Dreams by offering up to 100% Scholarship.

  • Exam Date: Will be announced soon
  • Exam Timing: Will be announced soon
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Currently in 10th class and moving to 11th class
  • Currently in 11th class and moving to 12th class
  • Currently in 12th class and moving to Target Class
Registration Fee: Rs.100

Parakh-50 Question Status

8th – 9th Moving Students            –          50 Questions(4 marks)

9th – 10th Moving Students            –          50 Questions(4 marks)

10th – 11th Moving Students            –          70 Questions(4 marks)

11th – 12th Moving Students            –    Maths 75 Questions(4 marks)                                                                            Biology 80 Questions(4 marks)

12th- Target Moving Students       –    Maths 75 Questions(4 marks)                                                                            Biology 80 Questions(4 marks)

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Why Take Parakh 50 Test

With a total Scholarship worth Rs.2cr, it is the test for the selection of hard-working & ambitious students and helping them to achieve their dream to become Doctor/Engineer.

Up to 100% scholarships

Students get awarded based on their performance in the scholarship test.

Uplift Talent

Scholarship test that offers direct entry to various courses for deserving students.

Free Access to SKY App

Register & Get Free Access to Sky Learning App with Unlocked Premium Courses worth Rs.50k.


Students can analyze their strengths and area of improvement according.

Registration Fee: Rs.100

Courses Offered

Get a chance to be a part of Parakh 50 and Free Education for IIT JEE & NEET. 

(For IIT / NEET)
For 8th, 9th & 10th
For 11th and 12th
Target Batch
For the 12th Passed

PARAKH50 Sucess Stories

Even though you are talented and got this scholarship, you need to keep working hard to achieve your goal. See what Parakh 50 Students have to say about Sky Tutorials.

Registration Fee: Rs.100