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How to divide the time specially to each subject ( physics, chemistry, biology) to score good marks in NEET exam



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One of the most important steps towards pursuing a profession in medicine or dentistry in India is preparing for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). It’s critical to have a thorough understanding of the subjects and effectively manage your time if you want to perform well on the NEET. The three primary disciplines examined in the NEET are biology, chemistry, and physics, and effective time management throughout your study sessions is essential for success.

Here’s a strategic approach to divide your time effectively for each subject:

1. Examine Your present Knowledge: 

It’s crucial to assess your present level of knowledge in each subject before you begin organizing your study schedule. To determine your skills and shortcomings, take a professional exam. This will enable you to devote more time to the topics you find challenging.

2. Create a Realistic Study Schedule:

Establish a study schedule that is realistic and takes into account all of your everyday responsibilities, such as school or college, work, and breaks. Set aside particular periods of time for each subject. A realistic and flexible timetable will allow for unanticipated circumstances.

3. Give Weaker Subjects More Attention: 

Spend more time on the subjects in which you need confidence. This may be Physics for many NEET hopefuls. Set aside a substantial amount of your study time for mastering challenging material, then progressively cut back as you get better.

4. Maintain a Routine: 

Maintaining a routine is essential to time management success. Try to study at the same time every day, and strictly adhere to your schedule. This promotes developing routines and concentration.

5. Use the had been Technique: 

Try applying this method, which calls for 25 minutes of study time followed by a 5-minute break. Take a longer pause of 15 to 30 minutes following four cycles. Concentration and productivity can be increased using this strategy.

6. Mix Topics Strategically:

By strategically combining topics, you can avoid devoting an entire day to just one subject. This can help you avoid burnout and maintain interest in your study.

7. Regular Revision:

Schedule time each day for regular revision. Long-term retention is improved by spaced repetition, which involves revisiting subjects at increasing intervals.

8. Full-Length Practice Tests: 

Schedule full-length practice tests on a regular basis. This helps you successfully manage time during the actual NEET exam by simulating exam settings.

9. Seek Guidance and Clarification: 

If you run into problems with any subject, don’t be concerned to ask your teachers, tutors, or online resources for assistance. Clarify any questions you have right away to keep them from becoming obstacles. 

10. Stay Healthy:

Last but not least, remember to maintain your physical and mental wellness. Effective learning depends on both physical and mental well-being. Get enough rest, eat healthful foods, and make time each day for exercise and relaxation.


Getting high marks on the NEET exam demands commitment, careful planning, and efficient time management. You can make the most of your study time for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology by making a balanced study schedule, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and committing to these tactics. Keep in mind that success in NEET depends on more than just the number of hours you put in; it also depends on how effectively you use your time and resources. Wishing you success as you prepare for the NEET!