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NEET 2024: Cut-off Marks vs. Qualifying Marks


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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the gateway for aspiring medical professionals in India. As candidates gear up for NEET 2024, it’s essential to understand the difference between cut-off marks and qualifying marks to navigate the examination process successfully.

1. Qualifying Marks:

Qualifying marks refer to the minimum scores required by candidates to be considered eligible for admission. The Medical Council of India (MCI) determines these marks, ensuring that candidates possess the basic competence needed for medical studies. Qualifying marks are set for each category – General, OBC, SC, and ST. It’s important to note that meeting the qualifying marks is a prerequisite, but it doesn’t guarantee admission to a medical college.

2. Cut-off Marks:

While qualifying marks establish eligibility, cut-off marks play a crucial role in determining admission ranks. Cut-off marks are the minimum scores required for securing a seat in a particular medical college or a specific course. The cut-off is influenced by various factors, including the number of applicants, the difficulty level of the exam, and the availability of seats.

3. Factors Influencing Cut-off Marks:

  • a. Exam Difficulty: If the NEET paper is more challenging, the cut-off marks may be lower as students may find it harder to score high.
  • b. Number of Applicants: A higher number of applicants often leads to increased competition, impacting cut-off marks.
  • c. Seat Availability: The availability of seats in medical colleges is a significant determinant. If the number of seats is limited, the cut-off tends to be higher.
  • d. Reservation Categories: Cut-off marks vary for different categories, with lower cut-offs for reserved categories compared to the general category.

4. Strategic Preparation:

Understanding the distinction between qualifying and cut-off marks is crucial for strategic exam preparation. While focusing on meeting the qualifying marks is essential, aspiring candidates should aim to score well above the cut-off to secure admission in their preferred colleges and courses.

5. Counseling Process:

After the NEET results are declared, the counseling process begins. The counseling authorities use cut-off marks to rank candidates and allocate seats based on their preferences. Being aware of the cut-off trends from previous years can help candidates make informed decisions during the counseling process.


As NEET 2024 approaches, aspirants must grasp the difference between qualifying marks and cut-off marks. While qualifying marks ensure eligibility, cut-off marks play a pivotal role in securing admission to medical colleges. Strategic preparation, an understanding of the factors influencing cut-offs, and careful consideration during the counseling process are key elements for success in the NEET journey. Best of luck to all NEET 2024 aspirants!