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How To Score 180/180 In NEET Physics?


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Scoring a perfect 180/180 in the Physics section of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is no small feat, but with the right strategy and focused effort, it’s certainly attainable. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you maximize your score in NEET Physics.

1. Understanding the Syllabus:

Begin by thoroughly understanding the NEET Physics syllabus. Divide it into smaller sections and prioritize topics based on their weightage in previous exams. Focus on strengthening your grasp of fundamental concepts before delving into more complex ones.

2. Effective Time Management: 

Organize your study time so that you focus more on the subjects that you find difficult. Divide up your study sessions into more manageable, targeted chunks to help you stay focused and retain the information. Maintaining a regular study schedule is essential.

3. Mastery of Fundamental Concepts: 

Fundamental concept comprehension is frequently assessed in NEET Physics questions. Learn the fundamentals of electromagnetic, thermodynamics, optics, and mechanics to provide a solid foundation. Make sure you can use these ideas to address a range of issues.

4. Intensive Practice: 

The key to success in NEET Physics is practice. Complete a variety of tasks from many sources, such as practice exams and question papers from previous years. This helps you become more comfortable with the exam format while also solidifying your learning.

5. Conceptual Clarity over Rote Learning:

Ignore conventional memorizing in the interest of understanding over rote memory. Rather, concentrate on gaining a profound intellectual comprehension. Understanding the ‘why’ behind an idea helps you better address a variety of difficult topics.

6. Making the Most of Your Study Materials: 

Choose your reading material carefully. NCERT textbooks are essential, but don’t forget about expert-recommended study aids and other literature. Take notes on the important aspects so you can quickly review them.

7. Keep Up with Current Trends: 

NEET test patterns are subject to change, so be aware of any updates. Recognize current patterns in question formats and concentrate on those aspects of your preparation.

8. Make Use of Online Resources: 

Make use of the websites that include interactive learning tools, video lectures, and quizzes. These materials might give you a new way of looking at difficult subjects and improve the quality of your education.

9. Regular Self-Assessment: 

Take self-assessment exams on a regular basis to evaluate your development. Examine your advantages and disadvantages, then modify your study schedule accordingly. This assists you in determining which regions require more care.

10. Consult with Teachers: 

If you are having trouble understanding a certain subject, don’t be afraid to consult with your teachers, fellow students, or internet forums. Speaking with people about ideas can help you get important insights and improve your comprehension.


Recall that getting a flawless score involves commitment, diligence, and careful planning. You can become an expert in NEET Physics and increase your chances of getting a perfect 180/180 by adhering to these tips and remaining dedicated to your study.