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How to reach from 0 to 650 in NEET



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One of the most difficult entrance tests for medicine in India is the National Eligibility Combined Entrance Test (NEET). Many aspirant medical students have the goal of achieving a score of 650 or higher. To reach this goal, you’ll need commitment, efficient study techniques, and a thorough comprehension of the exam format. We’ll set out a step-by-step plan in this blog post to help you achieve your objective of scoring 650 or higher on the NEET.

1. Understand the NEET Exam Pattern:

Understanding the NEET Exam Pattern is the first step in your effort to achieve a score of 650 or higher in the exam. 180 multiple-choice questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology) make up the NEET exam. There are 45 questions in each subject, and the exam lasts three hours. You receive 4 points for each accurate response, while 1 point is subtracted for each incorrect response.

2. Make a Study Plan: 

Come up with a well-organized study schedule that takes all the topics covered in the NEET syllabus. Set aside enough time for each subject and make sure your study schedule is balanced. Make certain that your schedule provides time for studying and taking practice exams.

3. Master the Basics: 

Make sure you have a solid understanding of the physics, chemistry, and biology fundamentals before moving on to more advanced topics. Refer to NCERT textbooks and other suggested study materials to create a strong foundation.

4. Refer to Reputable Study Resources: 

In addition to NCERT textbooks, think about using additional reputable study tools including NEET handbooks, online sources, and video lectures by knowledgeable instructors. These materials can help you comprehend difficult subjects more thoroughly.

5. Regularly Take Mock Exams: 

Mock exams are important for enhancing your problem-solving and time management abilities. To gain a feel for the NEET exam, take complete mock exams in exam-like settings. Analyze your performance to pinpoint your areas of weakness so you can improve them.

6. Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers:

Solve previous year’s question papers to get a better understanding of the exam format and the kinds of questions that were asked. It’s a great way to determine how prepared you are for the real test.

7. Focus on Your Weak Spots: 

Recognise where you need improvement and spend more time there. If you need assistance, look for it online, from teachers, mentors, or forums. To perform well on the NEET, it is essential to address your deficiencies.

8. Revision: 

To keep what you’ve acquired through experience, regular revision is essential. To assist in your revision process, write concise notes or make flashcards. regularly go over key concepts and formulas.

9. Remain Healthy: 

It’s important to be healthy if you want to learn effectively. To keep your body and mind in top shape, maintain proper nutrition, get adequate sleep, and get active.

10. Stay Positive and Confident:

Keep a positive attitude and be confident in your skills. Throughout your study period and on test day, maintain a cheerful attitude. Believe in your dedication instead of stressing the night before.


Achieving a score of 650 or above on the NEET is a challenging but achievable objective with the correct preparation and attitude. Follow this thorough advice, remain committed to your studies, and have confidence in yourself. You can realize your dream of working in medicine if you are persistent and have an outstanding work ethic. Good fortune!