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How To Prepare for JEE Main in 3 Months?



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For Indian engineering applicants, the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is a significant stage. Despite having a year to prepare, some students realize that they only have three months before the exam. Even though it’s difficult, success is still attainable with careful planning and persistent effort. We provide a step-by-step tutorial in this blog to assist you in properly preparing for JEE Main in just three months.

1. Test Your Knowledge Currently 

Consider how well you now comprehend the JEE Main syllabus before starting a rigorous study schedule. Identify your specialized areas of strength and weakness. This evaluation will act as the cornerstone of your study plan and free up extra time for difficult subjects.

2. Establish a Practical Study Schedule 

Create weekly and daily study schedules for the three months. Give yourself enough time to cover every topic in depth. Set higher priority topics, and concentrate on improving your areas of weakness. To prevent burnout, make sure to schedule time for regular breaks.

3. Focus on the NCERT books 

NCERT mathematics, physics, and chemistry textbooks are a good place to start your preparation. By reading these foundational texts, you can develop a solid conceptual knowledge. A firm understanding of these fundamentals will give you an advantage in the exam as main questions are frequently based on NCERT principles.

4. Practice with old exams and mock exams 

Spend a large amount of your study time completing previous year’s test questions and taking practice exams. By doing so, you will become accustomed to the format of the exam and be better able to manage your time during the actual test. Examine each test you took to see where you performed poorly and where you need to improve.

5. Obtain Direction from Online Resources 

Many internet sites today provide both free and paid tools for JEE Main preparation. To improve your understanding and remove questions, make use of online practice quizzes, video lectures, and educational forums.

6. Concentrate on Quick Notes and Revision 

Make brief notes as you examine each subject. In the last days leading up to the exam, these notes will be used as short revision material. Revise these notes frequently, placing an emphasis on formulas, important ideas, and problem-solving strategies.

7. Remain optimistic and driven. 

Keep an optimistic outlook during the preparation process. Maintain your commitment to your study strategy and have faith in your ability. Assemble a group of encouraging friends or attend a study session to exchange ideas.


It is definitely challenging to prepare for JEE Main in just three months, but with the appropriate plan and continuous drive, it is possible. Keep your attention on conceptual clarity, consistent practice, and effective time management. You’ll be well-prepared to perform well on the JEE Main test if you enjoy the trip and remain dedicated to your objectives.