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How to Increase Problem Solving Speed for JEE?



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The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is a demanding test that calls for both quick problem-solving abilities and in-depth conceptual comprehension. Your performance on this difficult exam can be considerably improved by increasing your problem-solving speed. This blog will provide useful techniques that will enable you to solve problems more quickly and perform well on the JEE.

1. Learn the Foundations 

Make sure you understand the essential ideas before trying for speed. It is essential to have a solid foundation in physics, chemistry, and math. Regularly reviewing theory can help you to comprehend it better and will make it simpler for you to recognise and apply concepts when addressing problems. Your ability to solve difficult problems quickly will ultimately be sped up by having a solid knowledge of the fundamentals.

2. Practice makes perfect. 

The secret to improving problem-solving speed is consistent practice. Solve a variety of problems from various sources, including textbooks, test questions from previous years, and online resources. To challenge yourself, gradually make the tasks harder. Regular practice will improve your speed and accuracy by enabling you to recognise patterns, short cuts, and methods for solving various types of problems.

3. Practice Sessions With a Time Limit 

Set up timed practice sessions that reflect the demands of an exam. Based on the total time allotted for the JEE, provide accuracy limitations to each question. At first, you might find it difficult to finish the questions in the allotted time, but with practice, you’ll become better at time management. This strategy teaches your brain to make decisions quickly and effectively, which is crucial during the actual exam.

4. Concentrate on Ideas, Not Memorization

Logic and the application of concepts are frequently more important in JEE tasks than simple memorization. Instead of memorizing answers to specific issues, focus on comprehending the fundamental ideas. Understanding the ‘why’ behind a solution enables you to apply your understanding to solve comparable problems more quickly, which saves time and builds confidence.

5. Develop Solutions That Address the Issue 

Different issues require various solutions. Learn problem-specific tactics to make it easier for you to answer questions quickly. For instance, in physics, concentrate on visualization strategies based on diagrams. Learn how to manipulate algebraic expressions and become familiar with common formulas. By using these techniques, you can solve issues more quickly and spend less time on each query.


Strong foundations, accurate practice, time management, concept-based learning, and problem-specific solutions are all necessary to improve problem-solving speed for JEE. You’ll not only be able to finish tasks faster by using these techniques, but you’ll also improve your chances of performing well on the JEE and securing a promising engineering career.