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 How Is NEET Cut Off Calculated?


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For aspirant medical and dental students in India, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a very difficult test. The cut-off score, which defines the lowest possible marks necessary for admission to various medical colleges, is an important component of the NEET exam. We shall examine the specifics of how NEET cut-offs are determined in this blog written piece.

NEET Cut-Off Calculation

1.Raw Score Conversion:

The transformation of raw scores into percentage scores is the first stage in determining the NEET cut-off. The actual number of right answers a candidate receives on the test is reflected by the raw score. On the other hand, a candidate’s performance as compared to other test-takers is shown by their percentage score.

2.Producing the All India Rank (AIR): 

Each applicant is given an All India Rank (AIR) once the raw scores are transformed into percentage values. The AIR displays a candidate’s standing among all test-takers. The candidate performs better in comparison to other applicants the higher the AIR.

3.Merit List Preparation:

The authority in charge of providing the exam creates a ranking of merit based on the AIR. The names of the participants are listed on the merit list in decreasing order of their AIR. The merit list is then used to determine the cutoff marks.

4.Cut-Off Marks and Their Effects:

The NEET cut-off marks are determined by a number of factors:

a. The Exam’s Difficulty Level: 

The NEET question paper’s difficulty is a key factor in calculating the cut-off. The cut-off tends to be lower when the paper is more difficult, and the reverse is true.

b. Total Number of Applicants: 

The cut-off is also influenced by the overall performance of the candidates. If many applicants perform particularly well, the cut-off point may be raised to weed out the best applicants.

C. Number of Available Seats:

The cut-off is additionally determined by the amount of seats available in medical colleges. If there are only a certain number of seats available, the cut-off usually increases as the level of competition grows.

d. Eligibility Criteria: 

NEET cut-offs for various categories, such as General, OBC (Other Backward Classes), SC (Scheduled Castes), ST (Scheduled Tribes), and others, are determined independently. Based on the reservation policy, each group has its own cutoff.

5.Minimum Qualifying Percentile:

In addition to the cut-off, there is a minimum eligibility percentile that applicants must meet in order to be considered for admission. Only applicants who meet the minimal performance requirements will be taken into consideration for admission, thanks to this criteria.


The All India Rank (AIR), the preparation of a merit list, and the conversion of raw scores into percentage points all go into calculating the NEET cut-off values. The cut-off scores depend on a number of variables, including the exam’s level of difficulty, the number of applicants, the number of seats available, and the reservation requirements. For NEET candidates wanting to gain admission to medical or dental colleges, comprehension of this procedure is essential.