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 From 90 to 99 Percentile in JEE: A Success Worth the Drop-Year



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Aspiring engineering students’ futures are typically decided by the Joint admission Examination (JEE), an intensely competitive engineering admission exam. To gain admission to top engineering schools like the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and National Institutes of Technology (NITs), thousands of students set out on this difficult journey each year. Some students strive for perfection, hoping to move up from the 90th to the invisible 99th percentile, even though many do well on their exams and achieve a respectable percentage. In this blog, we examine the successes of students who chose to take a drop-year to pursue their goals and talk about why it can be beneficial.

What a Drop-Year Student Experiences

Making the choice to drop a year is not simple. It calls for a great deal of willpower, diligence, and assistance from family and mentors. Students who choose this option frequently receive commendable marks on their initial attempts but feel they can perform even better. They choose to aim higher and gain admission to the best colleges as opposed to settle for a spot in a respectable engineering college.

1. Finding Weaknesses: 

Drop-year students evaluate their performance after the initial test and pinpoint the areas that require improvement. They engage in intense self-study or coaching sessions to strengthen their weaker subjects and themes.

2. A Structured Study Plan:

An organized study schedule can be made by students who have a drop-year available to them. To improve their speed and accuracy, they devote enough time to each subject, take mock exams, and complete old question papers.

3. Enrolling in Specialized Coaching: 

A few students choose to enroll in coaching programmed that are specifically designed for drop-year candidates. These institutions provide students specialized counseling and support to enable them to significantly raise their test scores.

4. Motivation and Perseverance: 

A drop-year student’s journey is full of highs and lows. Success is a result of maintaining motivation and endurance in the face of adversity. Continual evaluations and improvement keep their spirits up.

Why the Drop-Year is Worth It

1. Higher Chances of Admission: 

Admission to the best engineering schools is extremely competitive. Gaining a higher percentage improves one’s chances of being accepted into reputable institutions, giving one access to greater resources, faculty, and job opportunities.

2. Improved Learning and Confidence: 

The drop-year gives pupils the chance to fully comprehend concepts and build a solid foundation across all courses. The enhanced self-assurance is valuable and qualifies them for upcoming difficulties.

3. professional Opportunities: 

Enrollment in prestigious institutions can lead to a variety of research projects, internships, and worldwide exposure, improving professional opportunities and opening the way for a better future.

4. Life Skills and Maturity: 

Students learn self-control, time management, and resilience from their drop-year experience. These abilities are crucial for their personal and professional development in addition to being helpful when studying for exams.


It takes a lot of effort to go out on a drop-year quest to move up from the 90th to the 99th percentage in JEE. It calls for commitment, selflessness, and a firm belief in one’s talents. The rewards are immense for those who are ready to risk it, though. Although the road may be difficult, the sense of achievement and the chance for a successful engineering career make the effort worthwhile. In the end, the decision to take a drop-year should be founded on a careful evaluation of one’s skills and shortcomings, as well as the desire to strive for greatness and build a better future.