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NEET 2024: Expected Cutoff Scores



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In India, the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a yearly exam used to assess applicants’ qualifications for admission to several undergraduate programmers in medicine and dentistry. As NEET 2024 draws near, parents and students are eagerly awaiting the predicted cutoff scores to determine their chances of getting into the institutions they want. In this article, we’ll talk about the variables that affect NEET cutoff scores and offer some predictions for what applicants should expect at NEET 2024.

Factors Influencing NEET Cutoff Scores

1. Paper Difficulty: 

The question paper’s level of difficulty has a significant impact on the NEET cutoff scores. The cutoff scores typically fall lower if the article is thought to be difficult, and the opposite is true.

2. Total Number of Candidates: 

The number of candidates taking the NEET exam as a whole can affect the cutoff scores. The competition that results from an increase in the number of applicants frequently raises the cutoff scores.

3. Reservation regulations: 

Each state and institution has its own regulations regarding reservations, which may have an impact on the minimum requirements for the General, OBC, SC, and ST categories.

4. Seat Availability: 

The quantity of seats available in medical and dental colleges is also very important. Cutoff scores are typically higher when there are fewer available seats.

5. Previous Year Trends:

Analyzing the cutoff scores from previous years might give you a general notion of what to anticipate. It’s important to remember that cutoff scores can change from year to year though.

Expected Cutoff Scores for NEET 2024

1. General Category: 

The typical cutoff score for the General category ranges from 135 to 145 out of a possible 720 points.

2. OBC Category: 

The anticipated cutoff score for applicants in the OBC category is often between 130 and 140, which is slightly lower than that of the General category.

3. SC Category: 

A lower threshold, often between 115 and 125, is anticipated for the SC category.

4. ST Category: 

The cutoff scores for the ST category typically range from 100 to 110.

5. EWS Category: 

The EWS (Economically Weaker Section) category has been added, and the cutoff scores for this category could be similar to or a little lower than those for the General category.

Keep in mind that these are only rough estimations, and the real NEET 2024 cutoff scores may differ. Instead of just relying on cutoff projections, applicants must prioritize their study efforts and strive for the highest possible marks.


For those wishing to pursue careers in medicine and dentistry, the NEET 2024 exam is essential. By knowing what influences the cutoff scores, candidates can better organize their preparation. While projected cutoff scores can give some direction, it’s crucial to aim for the greatest marks to improve your chances of getting into the college or institution of your choice. Ultimately, the secret to success in NEET 2024 will be diligence, commitment, and concentrated preparation.