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How Can I Score 650+ in NEET 2024 in 8 Months?


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The National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) is a very competitive exam in India, and achieving a score of 650+ calls for commitment, a methodical study schedule, and successful study techniques. There are only eight months left to prepare for NEET 2024, therefore it’s important that you get started now. We’ll lay out a plan in this blog post to assist you in reaching your objective.

1. Recognise the Exam Pattern: 

Comprehending the NEET exam pattern in all of its parts is the first step. There are three sections in it: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. There are 180 questions in total, and you will receive 4 marks for each right answer and 1 mark less for each wrong response.

2. Make a Study Schedule: 

Make a detailed study schedule. Give each subject enough time, taking into account your areas of strength and weakness. Ensure that you have covered every item on the NEET syllabus.

3. Exceptional Study Resources: 

Make an investment in the greatest books and study resources. Your major source should be NCERT textbooks, but for in-depth information, you should also think about reference books.

4. Practice Frequently: 

The secret to success is persistence in practise. Work through past years’ exam questions and take practice exams. This will assist you in better time management and understanding the format of the exam.

5. Revisions: 

Schedule frequent revisions. Make brief notes on every topic and go over them often. This will help you remember and comprehend the material better.

6. Seek Advice: 

Consider taking online classes or enrolling in a coaching programme. You can avoid confusion and stay on the correct path with the assistance of an expert.

7. Health and Well-Being: 

Don’t skip on medical care. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, get adequate rest, and work out frequently. Effective learning needs both physical and mental well-being.

8. Stay Current: 

Pay attention to curriculum modifications and NEET updates. Keep yourself updated about any changes that the exam conducting authority makes.

9. Remain Driven: 

Remain driven and goal-focused. Remind yourself of your goals and envision yourself succeeding as a doctor. A useful technique is the use of positive thoughts.

10. Reduce Distractions: 

Avoid distractions, especially when you’re trying to study. Shut down social media and make a peaceful, comfortable study space.

11. Self-evaluation: 

Evaluate your development on a regular basis. Determine your areas of weakness and address them. Modify your study schedule as necessary.

12. Group Study: 

When conducted in a structured manner, collaborative study can be useful. Talking about subjects with competitors might provide you with new viewpoints.

13.  Remain Calm: 

Remain composed and concentrated on the day of the test. If you run across a difficult question, don’t freak out. Begin with the simpler ones in order to gain experience.


Obtaining a 650+ score on the NEET 2024 in 8 months is a difficult goal, but it is doable with a well-thought-out approach, commitment, and persistence. Keep in mind that comprehending the concepts is just as important to NEET success as memorization of facts. I wish you well in your planning and encourage you to stick with your objective. Your perseverance will eventually pay off, providing access to a fulfilling profession in medicine.